Aims & Scopes

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Eurasian Journal of Psychology (EPSJournal) intends to encourage research and disseminate knowledge in psychology across the globe. A major challenge for researchers is disseminating their knowledge and for readers is to get free access to knowledge. EPSJournal addresses the behavior-related issues. The journal strives to bring together researchers and academicians to share their experiences with peers. Promotion of knowledge in the field and free access to knowledge is a major concern of EPSJournal.

Eurasian Journal of Psychology welcomes contributions in the following areas:

  • performance measurement and management;
  • training, learning, and skill acquisition;
  • work motivation;
  • job attitudes, affect, and emotions;
  • leadership;
  • pteam development, processes, and effectiveness;
  • career development;
  • work–family interface;
  • work stress, health, and well-being;
  • positive and negative work behaviors;
  • diversity and cross-cultural differences in work behavior and attitudes;
  • technology and work systems;
  • expertise and knowledge management;
  • creativity, innovation, and adaptation;
  • organizational culture and climate;
  • laboratory researchs of behavior

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